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The course involves an online teacher training workshop to introduce teachers to the basic aspects of black holes and all the curriculum content that can be addressed while studying stellar black hole candidates and also to how to use robotic telescopes to acquire data, how to use image processing software and other ICT tools to analyze the data. Teachers will have the opportunity to learn new tools and resources and experiment the use of a student centered model while addressing specific curriculum content. Teachers will be exposed to all the steps of the scientific method by using the inquiry learning model with cutting edge tools for education.

The course involves also the implementation and evaluation in the class of the concepts and tools presented in the virtual teacher training workshop. Teachers will plan and implement a module using the resources learned and will identify what its strong points and difficulties. Pupils' motivation and learning outcomes will also be measured. It is expected that students, by being exposed to BHIMS (Black Holes in my School) proposed exercise will have learned how scientists work and will improve their critical thinking and communication skills.

Teachers participating in the training will have the opportunity to help enhance the training and support the implementation of further experiences alike BHIMS.

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